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How to start a narrative essay?

Since a narrative essay is all about telling a good story, to attract the reader from the very first sentence is probably the most important part of writing. So how to do it right? Here are some proven ways from that can help you catch the attention of your audience!

Top 5 hooks to start your narrative essay

  • Quote.
  • A relevant quote is a good way to attract the reader’s attention to the story. After all, if you are inspired by a certain book or a famous person, chances are your audience will be too. So choose an appropriate quote and use it to eloquently connect the reader to your story.

  • Shocking statement.
  • To hit your readers with a shocking statement is also a good approach. It will motivate them to read your narrative essay up to the end to simply find out how you have arrived to it.

  • Anecdote.
  • One of the most common ways to hook the reader is to start with a short story from your life. Whether it is moving or funny, a personal anecdote can easily attract the attention of your readers.

  • Interesting fact or statistics.
  • An interesting fact or intriguing statistics can also be used as a great hook to start your narrative essay. However, please note that it should relate to your story or personality.

  • Question.
  • To present a question is another effective approach to make people keep reading your narrative essay. It will encourage them to look for an answer in your story.

    Remember, without an awesome beginning, you will lose the reader before you actually start the story. So consider these tips and try to find a perfect hook able to attract your reader’s attention.

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