How to Treat Post-Nasal Drip

Most people have experienced post-nasal drip at some point in their lives – even if they didn’t realize it at the time. Post-nasal drip occurs when excess mucus builds up at the back of the throat and drips down from … Continue reading

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Can a Neti Pot Effectively Clear My Sinuses?

Sinus infections can be absolutely miserable. There are a variety of treatment options for sinus infections, some more successful than others. Here, we’ll discuss the Neti Pot – a common treatment for sinusitis. How a Neti Pot Works A neti … Continue reading

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How to Treat your Spring Allergies

It feels like spring has finally arrived in Minnesota (knock on wood) – the snow is melting, and soon flowers will be blooming. But while the warmer temperatures are certainly welcome, spring won’t be all fun and games for allergy … Continue reading

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