Noise Induced Hearing Loss


Over the next few weeks, here at Andros Audiology and Andros ENT & Sleep Center, we are focusing our conversation on noise induced hearing loss. Often we are asked, what is noise induced hearing loss?

Noise induced hearing loss is hearing loss that is permanent in nature occurring after being exposed to dangerously loud sounds over a period of time.  Sounds louder than 85 decibels can be damaging to your hearing.  The louder the sound, the less amount of time it takes before damage occurs.

So, in the very noisy world we live and work in, how can we protect our ears from dangerously loud sounds? The good news is that noise induced hearing loss is preventable. Wearing hearing protection helps to decrease the intensity of noise and ultimately protect your hearing.

There are two different types of hearing protection available.  Earplugs protect hearing by creating an airtight seal in the ear canal.  This type of protection can be purchased very inexpensively at drug stores or sporting goods stores.  Earplugs can additionally be made custom fit to your ear.

The second type of hearing protection is the over-the-ear style.  This style fits over the entire ear and must create a tight seal in order to provide sufficient protection.  This type of hearing protection can also be purchased fairly inexpensively at sporting goods stores.

The important part of both types of hearing protection is how much, when appropriately fit, the earplug or over-the-ear style ear protection reduces noise.  The better the noise reduction, the more protected you are from harmful noises.

For more information, come see the Audiology Team at Woodbury Days August 26-28, 2016 or schedule a hearing evaluation at 651-888-7800.

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