Sleep Awareness Week March 6th – 13th

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To raise awareness for the health benefits of sleep and it’s importance to safety and productivity, the National Sleep Foundation is celebrating it’s annual Sleep Awareness Week.  Follow their guide to make this year’s Sleep Awareness Week your #7DaysForBetterSleep.

Day 1

Start the week by making time for the sleep your mind and body needs. Most adults need 7 to 9 hours to function properly.

Day 2

Leave a couple of hours between eating and going to bed. It will help you reap the maximum benefits of a good night’s sleep.

Day 3

Power down to recharge! Blue light from screen can disrupt your circadian rhythm and affect your ability to sleep. Turn off your mobile devices before you head to bed.

Day 4

Make your bedroom all about sleep! A comfortable mattress, pillow and bedding will help you get a good night’s sleep.  Keep your room dark and use cool paring colors for walls.

Day 5

Create a bedtime ritual. Make deep breathing, stretches and other relaxing exercises part of your pre-slumber ritual, to wind down and help get your mind ready for sleep.

Day 6

Put your troubles aside and drift away. Keep a piece of paper next to your bed and write down any worries of the dab\y before putting your head down to sleep. You’ll sleep better

Day 7

Sleep is important for everything — “Remember to account for Daylight Saving Time! Spring forward towards better sleep!”

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