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Check our Dr. Rosario on “Around Town”

  Check out the many ways Dr. Rosario and Andros ENT & Sleep Center, Andros Audiology & Hearing Aid Center and Andros MedSpa can help you!

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Ten Common Hearing Loss Symptoms

  Hearing loss is a widespread condition, affecting nearly 50 million people in the United States. Changes in our hearing don’t typically occur all at once. Rather, hearing loss symptoms appear over time. Hearing loss is a gradual process that … Continue reading

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How a Hearing Aid Works

 How a Hearing Aid Works In its simplest form, a hearing aid is an amplifier that makes sound louder. Today’s hearing aids do much more than that, but they wouldn’t help much if they didn’t amplify. Let’s take a look … Continue reading

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It’s Annual Hearing Month—Get Your Annual Hearing Test!

Better Hearing Month is an ideal time for your annual hearing test Just as eye exams are a part of your routine health checks, it’s a good idea to get annual hearing tests, too — for these reasons: Hearing loss … Continue reading

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