SINUVA Sinus Implant

Chronic Sinusitis Treatment in Inver Grove Heights, MN

Andros ENT & Sleep Center offers a non-surgical procedure for patients who suffer from repeat nasal polyps with SINUVA™ Sinus Implant. SINUVA is proven to reduce polyps and nasal congestion and obstruction.

What is SINUVA?

SINUVA is a sinus implant that treats nasal polyps without surgery. During a routine office visit, Dr. Rosario will use topical and/or local anesthesia to numb the patient’s nose and sinuses. SINUVA is then placed in the sinus cavity through the nasal opening.

How SINUVA works?

Its innovative design provides a 2-in-1 approcat. It is designed to open in the sinus cavity and release anti-inflammatory medicine to treat nasal polyps up to 90 days.

SINUVA benefits (At Day 90)

  • Significantly reduces nasal obstruction and congestion
  • Significantly improves impaired sense of smell.

Call Dr. Rosario and the Andros ENT & Sleep Center team to see if a SINUVA implant is a good option for you!