Elizabeth E.
It went well!

Paul S.
Dr. Rosario and the staff (arnell ?) were wonderful as well as very professional. I have already recommended by brother who says “what” constantly to go see her.

Mandy H.
Incredible, kind doctor. She takes her time and is very thorough. Dr. Rosario is very knowledgeable.

Foster C.
A number of options were given to me in order to avoid, if we can, having surgery. Every thing is explained to me in a clear and understandable way. As an added benefit Dr. Rosario is cheerfull and outgoing!

Lynn M.
Inell is the Best E_N_T Dr. I have ever Seen

Avary C.
We really enjoy the services here! Dr. Rosario is great and her staff are always professional!

Ron R.
The experience between doctor rosario and myself is great. I trust doctor Rosarios judgment in helping me

Christy B.
From the beginning we have appreciated how thoughtful and genuine our son’s care has been. Dr. Rosario is warm and informative, but balances that information so it is not overwhelming. She did a wonderful job with our son’s surgery and we highly recommend her expertise.

Michelle L.
Angela removed my stents and I had very little pain.

Patricia T.
Dr. Rosario was very pleasant and extremely through

Emily C.
Dr. Rosario was thorough and reassuring, and had a very caring manner with my daughter. I highly recommend her.

Patricia S.
Short wait time.

David H.
Good visit

Alex S.
I love Dr. Rosario, she and her staff, have incredible bedside manners. Unfortunately, having the Dr. out of my network, may force me to look in network for another, sad about that reality.

Clark D.
Informative, answered our questions.

Gary H.
After 18 Months one of my wife’s hearing aids quit working, we took it in where Deana checked it out and said it would have to be returned to the manufacturer for repair, she promptly organized a pair of ‘loaner’ hearing aids to use while waiting for the faulty one to be repaired and returned, about a week latter we got a call from Deana advising ours had been repaired and we could collect it at our convenience, and as the hearing aid was still under warranty, there was no charge. I thought the service was exceptional and the icing on the cake was the loan hearing aids, which meant no ‘down time’. Deana was a very good person to deal with and a real asset to the organization.

Mike N.
Doc took care of my long-time deviated septum in her office. Some would say that must have been painful. It was really not so bad. She is very capable and coached me gently through it. The week of stuffy breathing mostly through my mouth was no fun, but today the splints came out and I can really breathe! Doc looks out for you and has a delightful manner. She is super!

Julia M.
She is very thorough and knowledgeable. All her staff made my toddler feel very comfortable during the whole process and procedure she had at Childrens Hospital.

Cheryl S.
sleep apnea, throat and ear problems. Cpap machine is a blessing. Ears and throat improving.

Linda M.
She is always listening to what I say, and very good at explaining what exactly she needs to do to better my health.

Sartu T.
Great clinic. Very kind staff.

Cathy W.
I am excited for my new hearing devices.

Terry T.
on going

Idella L.
We were from out of town. We were able to get an appointment right away. Dr. Rosario was great, she explained everything very well, and gave us instructions on how to set up a future appointment back at our home location.